Coleman Camping Tent Review: The Sundome Tent

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Coleman Sundome 6 Tent m

Coleman Sundome 6 Tent m 1

The Coleman Camping Sundome Tent is a tent made by the famous manufacturer Coleman. Coleman is a familiar brand in the world, well-known for manufacturing great tents.

In this series of posts I'm reviewing more camping tents. Check out the Coleman Weathermaster Review for instance. In this article I will review the Coleman Sundome.

Coleman Camping Tent Review: The Sundome

The Sundome is a cute little tent for, for instance, couples. It only has one room and is just a simple dome-shaped tent. There are versions for up to 6 people, but that is very questionable if that would work.


  • Single door. In a D-shape, as shown on the picture above. All you need in this little tent is one door.
  • Polyurethane coated fabric. This inhibits moisture from entering the tent.

Setting up and tearing down

The tent is easy to set up, as it only has two poles. If you are alone it takes around 15 minutes to set this tent up. Piece of cake. Tearing down is just as easy, only the folding of the tent would be a little hard on your own.


Just as with the Weathermaster, the poles are made out of plastic. This isn't very durable and could tear your tent. The rest of the tent is made pretty durable. These tents can be used over and over, without a problem.


This is where the Sundome is lacking. The comfort of a dome tent is always less than bigger tents. With only one door you will be disturbed fast if you are with more than one person. If your partner wants to leave the tent for instance, not waking you up will be pretty hard. Also there is not a lot room to leave your luggage, so you have to find a place for it.


Important in buying a tent is whether or not the thing is waterproof. You don't want to actually feel the rain when you are sleeping, right? Although the sound is beautiful, rain should stay outside. The Sundome ensures you of dry feet. Because the fabric (polyurethane coated, remember?) is water-resistant the moist will stay outside.


The pricing is good. You can get the 3-person version for around 60 dollars, so definitely a good price! This tent is an entry tent I suppose, for people who want to figure out if they like camping or not. Or couples who are going only to enjoy the outside of the tent during the day. Cheap and a good price-quality ratio.


As said, the tent is fairly small. It has other downfalls as well though:

  • Heavy for such a small thing. With a weight of 7.4 pounds you don't just carry it around your neck on the way to the camping.
  • The zippers are not of the best quality. After a couple of years using I had to repair the zippers a couple of times.


List it up: Pro's and cons


  • Cheap. The first and most important feature of this tent.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Waterproof.


  • Small and heavy. Not for hikers or families.
  • Poor zipper quality. If you don't watch out you may break the zippers.
  • Lacks comfortability. This is just because it is such a small little dome. Nobody can feel completely comfortable in such a thing.

A good and simple tent for couples, loners or starters. Not a family tent, so please don't try to make that out of it. If you are looking for a cheap tent, the Coleman Sundome is the one you are looking for. If hope you appreciated this Coleman Camping Tent Review: The Sundome!

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