The Best Long Range Walkie Talkies For Sale

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Walkie talkie radios have been around for many years. They were first developed, as many devices are, for military use during the second world war. Their design today is much like it was back then except they have shrunk in size and have penetrated all types of the consumer market at all different price points up and down the scale.

As many emerging technologies the walkie talkie was first available to government and military personnel before making it's way to local governments, police, fire, and other officials. Eventually as the walkie talkie radio came down in price point and size and long range walkie talkies became possible in a hand held device commercial businesses and eventually individual consumers entered the marketplace.

Now walkie talkies can be found for sale at most electronics retails with price points al the way down into the teens. The price of long range walkie talkies designed for more professional uses still remain much higher in price point however they are worth it when it comes to their size, durability, and many features.

The best long range walkie talkies for sale will include features like multi-channel functionality, phone features, accessory attachments like walkie talkie headsets and shoulder mounts. Hands free walkie talkie development has also led to creative ways to stay connected to coworkers on the job site as walkie talkie watches or earpieces.

We've come a long way since the initial development of the walkie talkie radio. Kids walkie talkies are available all over the place. They can be found in just about any toy store and can be found branded to just about every kids brand you can think of. Of course you probably wouldn't find the features in a professional long range walkie talkie in the toy store but needless to say the technology is mature and it's getting cheaper to produce these devices.

The Best LongRange Walkie Talkie Radios

So what are the best long range walkie talkie radios and which one should you consider for your business? This is aquestion best left open ended to some degree. There are many good long range walkie talkies at different price points which all cater to specific crowds. Depending on the needs of the consumer the best walkie talkie radio may differ slightly.

Motorola, being one of the pioneers of walkie talkie development is still considered one of the top manufacturers. Their cell phone line offers many walkie talkie enabled phones as well as quality stand alone devices like the the RDV2020 which is price right around $200.

RIM's Blackberry line of cell phone also offer high end long range walkie talk performance packaged with a smart phone with network access. These make excellent walkie talkies for the professional with lots of multifunction versatility.

Other top long range walkie talkies include the very expensive Cobra PR38502WXEVP priced just south of $2000 and the Garmin Rino 2-way radios which are both priced just shy of $300 which include GPS functionality.

If you want to go lower in price you will definitely lose some of the multifunction capabilities but the same companies mentioned above do offer quality long range walkie talkies for sale a lower price points.

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