Wireless Outdoor Speakers and Some Placement Tips

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Outdoor speaker planning option 1200x800 1

Outdoor speaker planning option 1200x800 1 1

Wireless outdoor speakers allow entertainment to flow into any event you have near your home. The amount of choices of speakers in the stores today are huge, they can come in standard white or silver and even be in the same shape as a rock. Making sure you pick the right speakers for you is very important. Also, be sure to keep them inside the yard and within sound range. Where you place them can really change things when it comes to how they hear the sound from your system. Below are some quick tips that will help make sure you enjoy your new devices.

Surround your Area with Sound

You will need to be sure that the wireless outdoor speakers system you have can cover your entire room with sound. Once you decide where the center of the room is, you need to flow all the sound from your outdoor wireless speakers in that general direction. It's best to think of the way you move as flowing out from the center and all the speakers will look like a circle when your done. Determining where the speakers are placed depends on how many you have. You should make sure that they always surround the main area of the room that you want the sound to flow.

High but effective

It's a great idea to place your outdoor wireless speakers kind of high up. This will allow the sound to travel. However, you don't want to place them up so elevated that you can't make out the sounds. A good idea is, put the speakers close to 7 feet up. This will make sure they aren't directing sound directly into ears but can still be reached if they need to be moved. It's never a bad idea to make sure you have some at a lower level. Especially for guests who may be sitting on chairs. You can experiment with different placements to find the best one for you.

Sizing that works

Place the larger outdoor wireless speakers where you think the large sound is needed. To get more of a uniform listening experience, change up the bigger and smaller units as you surround the room or yard. Not all speakers are the same loudness. It's easy to change the layout if the sound isn't coming out the way you'd like. One of the great things about owning wireless speakers is that they can be moved easily as they are needed. As long as you have the area covered with sound, it's easy to have a nice place that any guests will enjoy being in.

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