Portable Air Conditioners For Camping-4 Great Models At Discount Prices

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Portable air conditioners for camping make outdoor living a much better experience. Camping out will always remain one of the best activities to engage in as a family. One of the downfalls of camping is having to deal with uncomfortable sleeping situations. This is especially true when faced with extreme heat and humidity outdoors. It is easier to prevent this inconvenience with better planning by looking at the benefits of using a portable air conditioner.

Portable Air Conditioners For Camping Create Comfort

As you probably know, a lot of people don't like camping. To them the word camping is synonymous with mosquitoes, sweat and dirt. The thought of leaving a nice, cool air conditioned home for sweltering nights at a sweaty campsite can make many people stay away from the camping experience. Now people can bring the comfort of coolness with them on camping trips.

Investing in a good portable air conditioner for camping is well worth it. Once you start looking at some of the best brands you will realize that there are an awful lot to choose from. Although there are many makes and models of air cooling gadgets for campers, the price ranges can differ greatly. Staying cool in extreme weather doesn't have to break the bank, however.

Affordable Portable Air Conditioners For Camping

The following is a list of some manufacturers that sell good-quality portable camping air conditioners that are surprisingly affordable:

Coleman Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan

l  4 white and one amber LED lights for reading into the night.

l  Adjustable 2-speed air flow

l  Magnetic plates to connect to your tent

l  Runs on d-cell batteries


O2-Cool Portable Battery Powered Cool Box Personal Air Conditioner

l  Offer three cooling options – Icy Breeze, Water Mister or Powerful Fan

l  Runs on D-cell batteries

l  Comes with AC adapter to run off your car's cigarette lighter


Coleman Freestanding Tent Fan

l  2 Speed fan to stand anywhere in your tent

l  Powerful enough to keep you cool

l  Only $15.00


KoolerAire Air Conditioner

l  Can be used anywhere

l  Whisper quiet fan

l  Low power consumption

l  Works with AC adapter

l  Installs in seconds

l  Won't drain your vehicle battery

l  Also keep your food and drinks ice cold

l  Built in cord holder

l  Ten foot coiled power cord

l  Retails at $39.95


Amazon.com has great deals on many different types of camping air conditoners that are portable. Buying one of these great gadgets can make a huge difference for people who want to camp out in tents during the hottest part of the year.They are a smart investment and can be used year after year.

Having a portable camping air conditioner may even save marriages. Couples who camp out can relax and be comfortable with camping (and each other) in a climate-controlled tent. Nobody can think about romance while roasting alive in a sweltering tent on super-humid day; possibly with the exception of the desert Rattlesnake who enjoys the heat during his amorous adventures.

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