Why Having a GPS Navigation System is Worth the Money

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You'll never be lost again once you install your new GPS unit in your vehicle. These modern day electronics have made it simple to navigate your world and become a more time efficient family. If you've never experienced a GPS first hand, justifying the cost, which ranges from about $150-$600, will seem like a big task. But once you've considered some of the pros of owning your own GPS unit, you'll see the cost is something you'd gladly pay many times over. Check out places like from Fingerhut or Overstock.com to find one with the features you want.

What a GPS Does

A GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a tool that uses satellites in outer space to find your exact geographical location. Using a network of maps and other global geographic locations, most GPS systems can provide turn by turn directions from wherever you are to wherever you need to go. Another form of GPS, a hiker's GPS unit, does not give directions and simply help you to know your longitude and latitude while in the wilderness. However, a vehicle GPS unit is designed for direction giving while on the road or even out walking a new neighborhood.

How a GPS Saves You Time

Imaging never getting lost on the road again. With a mobile GPS unit, it's possible. Unlike a traditional paper map, you do not need to be familiar with the area you are in, or posses any map reading skills to utilize a GPS. The unit will automatically find the quickest route between your current location and the address of where you need to go and then speak out loud every time you need to take an exit or make a turn. And if you miss something, don't worry, the GPS will automatically reconfigure so you don't have to turn around and backtrack.

How a GPS Saves You Money

Most GPS systems have a route option that allows you to choose between many routes based on which routes are the fastest, or the shortest number of miles, or to avoid highways, bridges or tunnels. Using this feature can save you lost gas spent in traffic jams or on long back roads drives by suggesting routes that are more gas efficient. This can save you dollars at the pump and help you learn new routes around your neighborhood and even new places.

How a GPS Keeps You Safe

A major benefit of having a GPS system in your car is a safety and security feature. Most GPS systems will come pre-programmed with a feature that can help you in an emergency. In most cases, the emergency feature will be able to give you the phone number to the nearest police or fire/EMS service to call for help. The screen will also read your exact location to you, sometimes complete with your latitude and longitude specifications, making it easy for rescue crews to find exactly where you are in record time.

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