Getting The Right Camping Gear

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To begin with camping is going to be somewhat financially demanding as you'll have to buy your tent, cookware, sleeping-bags and other equipment. When you have bought the main necessities you can easily add to your camping supplies with time and despite the fact that you will need to pay out in the beginning for your basic camping equipment, when it is well looked after it should give you numerous years of excellent camping. You can find pre-owned or more affordable brand new gear if you log on and look for auction websites like eBay or camping gear websites that are continually offering sales. An excellent suggestion is to buy your camping gear out of season when stores sell these things off discounted.

The main cost when you first go camping is purchasing your own tent. This is probably the most important piece of camping gear. When you are going as a couple a 3 man tent is an excellent size as you'll have extra space for a lot of your other equipment and clothes. One other good type of camping tent is the six man tent, it will as a rule have three separate sleeping areas, this is perfect for a family of 4 as the mom and dad can sleep in one compartment and each one of the children have a distinct compartment to sleep in without being much off from their parents. For those who have a sizable family group or group of friends camping then big tents with lots of individual areas are available. You can get 10, 12 and 14 man tents, and these big tents may have 5,6 and 7 chambers.

One of the latest designs in tents is the tunnel tent as the name suggests is shaped like a tunnel with either the entrance at the end or in the center. Many large tunnel tents have separate tunnels off the primary tunnel which are individual compartments. Normally 3 man, four man and 6 man tunnel tents have the entry at the side and also have a room off either side as well as opposite the entrance for the 6 person tent. Larger capacity tunnel tents including the 8 to 12 man tents have smaller sized tunnels or rooms coming off from the principal tunnel. One more design is the dome tent which as the name suggests is in a dome shape of different sizes. A good brand of dome tents are Wenzel tents.

The cabin tent has consistently been very popular with families as they were the first style of tent to have distinct chambers plus a living area. The cabin tent is perfect for family trips since each family member can have their own area. The typical layout of cabin tent has a main entrance that leads into a living space which could also be used to sleep in, and then can be sub-divided into independent compartments. Cabin tents usually are a six man tent as a minimum but goes right up to 12 to 14 person tents to accommodate bigger families or parties.

One of the better places to locate cheap tents is websites like eBay that offer both used and new tents and camping gear. There are also lots of outdoor camping gear web sites on the web which have tents available and you can do a comparison of all of the different types of tents and price ranges to determine what kind suits you and your wallet. You may also buy tents for sale in retail outlets or in departmental stores. These outlets will generally sell off camping gear at drastically reduced prices at the end of each season to make room for extra stock and it could be worth looking forward to this to get a good deal. Shop for winter gear, like a down sleeping bag, and the end of winter and summer gear, like a lightweight tent, at the end of summer.

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