What Are The Top 3 GPS Devices?

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There are many GPS devices sold today and most are similar with slight differences in features that they offer. Vehicle tracking capabilities, voice recognition, up-to-date traffic information and mapping are all features that different GPS devices offer consumers. With all the options to choose from, how do you know which device to buy? Here are the top three GPS devices and what they offer.

TomTom GO 930

TomTom, a big name in GPS enabled devices offers high end systems that can help you find your way. The TomTom GO 930 displays a useful application called TomTom IQ Routes that can calculate the fastest route to your inputted destination by using traffic data from your driving history. Another feature, Advances Lane Guidance, can help map out which lane you should be in for any upcoming turns in your journey. You can get theses instructions spoken to you or on the screen for you to view. 

MapShare allows users to program street names and interesting sites to be shared with other TomTom users. It also features an emergency menu which shows users the locations of local services such as hospitals and police stations. The TomTom also has features that come standard with most GPS systems like Bluetooth capability and tracking and location services. 

Magellan Maestro 4350

The Magellan Maestro boasts a programmable interface that is easy to use. You can program a list of your favorite destinations for easy accessibility the next time you need to travel there. The device displays all your information on a 4.3 inch touch screen that has an adjustable back light that makes your data easy to view and read. The keypad on the screen comes with a spell checker to ensure that you have entered the street names and destinations correctly. 

The Magellan Maestro 4350 has an included AAA Tourbook Guide that lists many AAA approved destinations, and also the means to contact AAA in case of an emergency on the road. 

Garmin nuvi 880

This device comes packed with many features. It has voice recognition capabilities that can utilize a locating service that makes it easy for you to locate a near hospital, gas station or store all without ever having to take your hands off the steering wheel or your eyes off the road. The Garmin also has the ability to route more than one destination at the same time, allowing drivers to plan the most convenient route between all of them.

It features a 4.3 inch screen, the same width as the Magellan. It differs from other GPS devices since it can not only show your where to go, but it also remembers where you have been. It records your route in case you need to see where you have been. The Garmin also has Bluetooth capabilities so that you can use your cellular phone hands free while inside the car.

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