Shopping for Outdoor Canopy Tents

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Spring has finally arrived and with it comes the need to upgrade some of your outdoor living spaces. You can begin by purchasing a couple of those inexpensive outdoor canopy tents. You can use one over the patio area and the other can be used to create some much needed shade in the pool. You could add sidewall extensions to one of the tents, put in a couple of the screens, a vinyl window and large zippered doors to make a great outdoor playroom for the kids or a romantic getaway for you and your spouse. There really is not limit as to how you can utilize the welcome shade of a canopy.

Outdoor canopies or tents come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. If you have a large backyard, you may want to consider bigger sizes so there will be room for everyone. The standard sizes start at 5' x 5' and go to 18' x 40'. You can also choose from many different roof or canopy styles such as pergola and gazebo. Most retailers carry a few options to choose from but you can also search the internet to find more choices and stores that carry them.

The best part about an outdoor canopy or tent is that it can easily be moved to wherever it is needed most. You can even bring one along to the beach, a picnic, or camping. Most are made of durable steel that is lightweight and strong. They even come with a compact carrying bag that can be used to store and transport the canopy.

Most tents are also equipped with a fabric that can block the harmful UV rays of the sun. The temperature under the canopy is typically 20 to 30 degrees cooler than out in the sunlight. You can secure the canopy with metal stakes so it stays in place even if the wind blows a little strongly.

Most canopies are easy and fast to put up. They look great too and come in many different styles and colors. You can choose colors that go well with your existing backyard furniture and accessories. You can even add string lights to each of the canopies so the areas can still be utilized even after dark.

For just a small investment outdoor canopy tents can solve your outdoor shelter problems and extend your indoor living space right to the outdoors so you and your loved ones can enjoy the beautiful spring and summer weather.

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