Buying A Hands Free Walkie Talkie

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Buying a hands free walkie talkie is simply a matter of identifying the features and quality you need in a 2 way radio. Many handsfree walkie talkies are designed to operate only in a hands free environment whereas other models are designed to function either with or without the use of your hands. Walkie Talkie headsets can be purchased as stand alone devices and add-ons for your existing walkie talkie. Similarly other special designs accommodate either specific functions or versatility.

Types Of Hands Free Walkie Talkies

There are a number of different types of hands free walkie talkies. The most obvious of which is the headset or shoulder mount. If you get one of these accessories you will have to decide on the quality of the accessory as it relates to the quality of your two-way radio. For instance a kids walkie talkie isn’t likely powerful enough to warrant an expensive high end wireless addition however a simple add-on may be appropriate. Likewise a long range walkie talkie may lose some of it’s quality if a wireless accessory is used. To minimize signal degradation a wired should holster may be better suited.

Other types of hands free walkie talkies include wrist watch walkie talkies and other wearable devices. The headset walkie talkie can be used as an add-on to your regular hand held walkie talkie and also as a stand alone device depending on your model.

Handsfree Walkie Talkie Prices

Walkie talkies vary greatly in price point mostly because these devices are sold in stores as toys for children and also sold in specialty stores as professional devices for business people. High end long range walkie talkies can easily be priced in excess of a few hundred dollars while child friendly walkie talkies can easily be found in the toy stores for less than $20.

Obviously there is a sliding scale in the middle however you can safely assume a quality mid-priced business walkie talkie can be purchased anywhere form $50-$100. Walkie talkie accessories like walkie talkie batteries, holsters, and attachments can range in price as well. There price points will obviously depend on the quality and type of the part.

The Best Hands Free Walkie Talkies

The best radios are going to be difficult to narrow down because of the same previously mentioned reasons. Because uses for walkie talkies vary so much and price points very so much it all depends on the purpose you need your radio for. Because electronics manufacturers are constantly coming out with new models the best advice in buying the best hands free walkie talkie is to stick with established brands that have a reputation for building quality electronics and communication devices. Motorola and Kenwood always tend to fit that description.

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