Portable Camping Shower Enclosure – Feel Good About Camping Again With a Hot Shower

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Outdoor Showers

So, your friends have a cabin in the woods. It is rustic, and pretty, but you don't mind roughing it a bit, but when it comes to personal hygiene, you cringe going somewhere without running water, especially for a shower, but did you know that you can get a camping shower enclosure?

Ok, it is not the Ritz, but it does the job. Nothing worse than not being able to wash your hair, or wash at all! You can only do so much with a basin of cold water. If you are lucky and this cabin is by the lake then jump in there and rinse off, but it is still nice to have a hot shower.

With no running water or limited power, you can still have a hot shower outside. I came across these portable showers for camping when searching for camping equipment in a outdoor store. I had heard of them, and figured they were just a bag of water you laid out in the sun for a while to heat up, but they are actually better than that. They heat up, and stay warm because they have 4 layers of high tech insulation panels. This mean you can have that shower in the evening if you want.

But that is great and everything, but in the picture they show this portable shower hanging from the perfect height tree, with the perfect sized branch, and this perfect person washing their hair underneath it.

Well maybe your cabin in the woods or remote camping spot, has tall trees with no branches, such as tall pines or spruces.. So then what? You can get a camping shower enclosure. They are basically a small 4 sided tent just for the shower. It will hold up the heavy 5 gallon portable outdoor shower at just the right height, and give you all the privacy you want. So, even if just for a few minutes, you can feel like you are back home having a shower.

These portable camping shower enclosures, are designed to fold flat, and don't take up much room. So, if you are considering heading out on that camping trip into the bush or woods or going to that friends rustic cabin in the woods this summer, then why not bring some creature comforts from home. As long as you have some kind of water source, even lake water, it can heat up during the day, and then you can have your shower in the evening, or even the next day. They can stay warm for a long time. Camping Shower Enclosure

One thing you should consider though, if you are thinking about using portable camping showers, is getting environmentally friendly soaps and shampoos for this trip. The outdoor stores sell them. This way you are not causing trouble with rinsing off outdoors.

The portable shower pouch for the water, folds up flat when not in use, and so does camping shower enclosure. So, your friends may laugh at you for bringing it, but by day 3 they are going to be taking numbers as to who can use your shower!

This is just one of many great gadgets that are on the market now to make those camping trips a bit easier. Technology has got so that these things take up less space, making them easier to pack. So, treat yourself to a camping shower enclosure and camping shower for that next trip, especially if you usually said no, because you don't like to rough it too much. You have a different outlook on the trip when you feel clean from a hot shower!

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