Coleman Camping Tent Review: The Montana

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The Coleman Camping Montana Tent is one of the many tents from manufracturer Coleman. Coleman became a famous brand in the tent-world.

This article is a post in the series of Coleman Camping Tent Review, check out the Coleman Sundome Tent Review for instance. This article will be focused on the Coleman Montana.

Coleman Camping Tent Review: The Montana

The Montana is a family tent suitable for every camping experience. It is a 1 room tent, where (at most) 6 people fit in.


  • Single door. A D-shape, as well as the Sundome Tent.
  • Interior gear pocket + electrical access port. For all of your gear.
  • The 'WeatherTec' which should keeps you dry.

Setting up and tearing down

One of the most important things of tents is of course whether they are easy to set up or not. In this case it is fairly easy, dependable on which tent you have. The Montana is ver easy to set up.


The floor of the Montana is very thin, which is not only annoying when trying to sleep, but it is easy to tear apart as well. This makes the tent not really durable as this could harm the Montana pretty fast.


The Montana is big, so in this sense it is comfortable. Besides that, the Montana has special electrical access ports where you can put your wires through.

For a family this tent is probably too small to be really comfortable in. But for couples, the size of the tent is a big pro. Easy to set up works also the tent's advantage.


Most of the times the most important reason for buying a tent is that you will stay dry during the night. Is this tent waterproof? At first, yes. But it has really small rainflies, so you shouldn't be suprised to get some drops in. On the other hand, this makes the tent a lot more wind-resistant, so you should survive a storm!


With 160$ not the cheapest tent in the Coleman Camping tent section, but it is a good price for what you are getting.


  • Thin flooring. As said, the floor is thin, this makes sleeping on it hard.
  • Noisy in the wind.
  • Weak zippers. If you are not careful enough there is a chance to break the zippers. Not a good idea if you know the pricing of these things.


Lets list it up, shall we?


  • Easy to set up. Commentaries from people always include how easy this tent is to set up.
  • Comfortable. A big tent with enough comfort if you use it as a couple.


  • Thin floor.
  • Weak zippers.
  • Noisy in the wind.

If we look at this complete review, the conclusion is not the best you could get. It is a good camping tent, but definitely not for non-camping experiences. The pricing is fair, not a lot for a solid tent. So, if you are looking for a tent for a starting family who is going to camp, the Coleman Montana is the one to go to! I hope you appreciated this Coleman Camping Tent Review: the Montana!

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