Pop Up Camping Tent

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Camping is such a popular pastime for lots of people, but assembling camping tents can be a pain in the backside and a very time consuming job. When you are away for the weekend camping, you want to spend that time enjoying the outdoors, not spending hours assembling a tent. If you are looking for tents that are easy and quick to assemble then you will need to get yourself a pop up camping tent.

This type of tent is much quicker and easier to assemble than your more traditional tent and because of this. It is a very popular buy for lots of budding campers. Don't just think though that you take the tent out of the bag and it instantly pops up, it doesn't it does take a little bit of assembly work. The first time is always going to be the hardest, then it gets much easier and much quicker as you learn exactly how to assemble it.

If you are on the lookout for a pop up camping tent, your best choice is going to be the Internet. This is because not only are the prices a lot cheaper than outdoor camping retail stores, but at the big online camping retailers. You can read online customer reviews on the tents before you part with your hard earned cash. Some websites even have videos, showing you just how quick and easy it is to assemble pop up camping tents. If they haven't just do a search on you tube for camping tent assembly, because there are hundreds of videos on there which are so useful and educational. Tent assembly is probably the biggest pet hate for most campers, and you will be surprised at just how many weekend camping trips have ended in arguments and tears because of it.

The biggest factor on choosing which tent to buy is the size, do you want a two man, a three man, four man or even a six man tent. This all depends on the size of your camping party and your own personal preference. Personally when I go camping, its just me and the wife sleeping in the tent. But our tent is a three man tent, this is because we like the added space and we store some of our camping essentials in the spare space. Plus as well, a two men tent doesn't really give two people much space does it.

Lots of people don't like buying from the Internet, but this doesn't mean that you can not pick up some fantastic pop up camping tent bargains at your local retailer. To grab these bargains, will depend on the time of year you decide to buy your tent. I'm from the UK and one retailer that always sells half price tents is Halfords, but they only offer these cheap discounted camping tents at the end of the summer season, when they need to get rid of stock. It is probably the same in the US and other parts of the world, so if you are looking for a pop up camping tent at a bargain price, then buy it at the end of the summer season.

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