Picking the Best Wireless LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

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Solar Wireless LED PIR Motion Sensor Security Rechargeable Lights at outdoor tech lab.


Solar Wireless LED PIR Motion Sensor Security Rechargeable Lights ...

Wireless LED outdoor motion sensor lights are the latest in home security lighting options. They are easy to use, fairly cost effective, and come in a wide variety of styles to choose from. Whether you require a large flood lighting system or you prefer a single lamp for a smaller area, there is a motion lamp that can suit your needs. Below are different examples of this type of outdoor lighting.

Small Wireless LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

The SE Wireless Motion Sensor Light is meant for use in a smaller area such as above the back door of your home or even indoors. Its infrared technology is helpful in detecting not only movement but body heat as well. This helps to eliminate those annoying false light-ups. The lamp is lightweight and easy to install making it perfect for mounting almost anywhere. It is powered by 3 AA batteries that can last months before replacing. Ten LED bulbs provide bright lighting that will last for up to 100,000 hours before ever needing to be replaced. The SE will detect movement is detected from 10-20 feet on the sides and in front and it has a 30 second turn off mechanism. This unit can be found for as little as $7.00 making it very economical.

The Dorcy 41-1071 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Flood-Lite is ideal for outside usage such as lighting a backyard, barn, or garage. It is completely wireless and runs on 3 D cell batteries that can last more than a year before needing to be changed. The Flood-Lite has a high tech motion detector that works in sync with a photo sensor to effectively light when it is needed. It works only in the dark which reduces energy waste and helps save you money. The timer can be adjusted to turn itself off at 30 seconds or two minutes. The brightness can also be adjusted according to your needs, providing up to 350 square feet of lighting coverage. It comes with a mounting bracket and all the hardware needed for an easy installation. The Flood-Lite is priced at right around $20.

Solar Wireless Led Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

The Designers Edge L-950 9 LED Motion Activated Solar Floodlight is another great option for outdoor spaces. Its 180 degree sensor is able to detect movement up to sixty feet away. Nine long lasting LED lights provide ample lighting for your needs. The adjustable timer can be set to turn off 5-40 seconds after movement stops. Perhaps the best feature of this system is its ability to utilize solar energy. The provided glass-protected solar panel supplies the unique rechargeable battery (also included) with solar power. Furthermore, when fully charged, the battery can sustain up to fifty 30 second cycles. And at approximately $40.00, the money you save could pay for the light several times over!

Wireless LED outdoor motion sensor lights are an inexpensive way to light up just about any area of you yard. They provide a sense of ease by helping to assure your house or property is secure. Know who is in your backyard at all times by obtaining one of these easy to use lighting systems.

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