Five Fun Games You Can Play with Walkie Talkies

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walkie talkie kid games

walkie talkie kid games 1

  1. Hide and seek. The traditional hide and seek game means that everyone needs to hide and one person needs to go and track everyone down. The introduction of the walkie talkie means that there are more ways to expand on the game.

The person doing the counting can count on the walkie talkie so that everyone else knows how much time they have to hide before the person comes looking for them. Plus if the person decides to give up on a few people hiding, they can announce it on the walkie talkie.

  1. Scavenger hunt. This can turn into a great contest with the walkie talkie because one person (including a parent) can call out an item to be found. Everyone goes in pursuit of the item and the person who finds the item first gets on the walkie talkie to identify the item and announce that they found it first. This can be done on a points system of gaining more points for finding an item first versus last.
  2. Secret spy. Every kid wants to be a spy at one point or another and walkie talkies can help make that possible. As they find suspicious activity, they can go over the walkie talkie to call for backup from all of their friends. If it’s running an investigation, everyone can find out what the others have found out by communicating over the radios.
  3. Radio fun. Everyone can stand within a short distance of each other and announce a phrase on the radio. As it gets further and further down the line, the person who is the farthest must still be able to repeat the phrase. If the phrase is still correct, everyone spreads out even further. The object is to spread out so far that the person on the end can no longer repeat the phrase correctly because the radio signal has started to cut out.
  4. Learn Morse code or create other coded languages. Short beeps and long beeps on the walkie talkie was once a language known as Morse code. Today it is a way for kids to have a secret language within their forts or to prevent parents from finding out what they are talking about. There’s no rule that says they have to use Morse code, so any secret walkie talkie language is acceptable. 

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