Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensor Lights- LED Solar Lighting

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Outdoor wireless motion sensor lights are becoming more popular by the day and with good reason. Outdoor wireless motion sensor lights are super easy to install, since there is no wiring to mess up, I mean mess with. Well, I really do mean mess up, because who knows much about wiring except electricians. Unless you're an electrician you can end up with serious problems trying to wire landscape lighting. Motion sensor outdoor lighting also keeps us safe by lighting the way when we come and go, as well as let's us know when someone is there that we need to be alerted to. Outdoor sensor lights help lower electric bills too, by only coming on when you need them and not burning the entire night using electricity.

It gets even better when you use LED outdoor wireless motion sensor lights since LED lights are long lasting and use less energy. Wait, it gets even better than this by using LED solar outdoor wireless motion sensor lights. As you know solar means you don't need electricity at all, so when you install outdoor wireless solar lighting it is virtually maintenance free except for charging batteries.

When you use outdoor wireless solar lighting there are a few things you can do to make them as bright as possible. One is to use the brightest LED solar lights available. Two, make sure you keep batteries charged up and three place them in direct sunlight, so that they can get all the sun they can. If you do these three things it will help to make your outdoor solar lighting system the best it can be.

Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensor Lights Types

There are several types of outdoor wireless motion sensor lights and all of them serve their own special purpose. The first and most popular outdoor wireless motion sensor light is the security light. Outdoor motion sensor security lights let us know right away when someone is outside the home and some even come with an indoor alert. Wireless outdoor motion sensor security lights are so simple to install anyone can do it even you. Plus they can be placed anywhere, since no electricity is needed.

The next type of outdoor wireless motion sensor lights are landscape lights these are used anywhere outdoors that you may need lighting when you're walking or doing something in the yard or garden. They also alert you when critters are in the garden eating plants or digging holes or whatever they're doing out there. While we may love wild animals they can be destructive and ruin a garden. This way if you are alerted you can set traps or whatever is necessary to deter them.

One of the most popular types of landscape lighting when it comes to wireless motion sensor lights are outdoor pathway lights and outdoor pathway lighting kits. When you get an outdoor pathway lighting kit it comes with several lights and parts plus instructions that tell you how to install as well as assemble. This makes it easier and faster than buying several different types of outdoor lights.

Outdoor wireless motion sensor lights are also make excellent lighting for decks patios and porches. There really isn't anywhere outdoors that outdoor sensor lights won't benefit. Many people use a combination of outdoor wireless motion sensor lights with regular accent lighting for landscape lighting. This way they have the benefit of both lighting systems to create beautiful outdoor lighting.

Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting Prices

Now we will look at prices on a few popular outdoor wireless motion sensor lights as well as LED solar motion sensor lights. While wireless motion sensor lights and solar lighting may cost more upfront it pays for itself later with lower electric use, so keep this in mind when shopping.

This outdoor wireless motion sensor security light has 24 reviews with a 4 star rating on Amazon, so you can check it out further if you like. It is the Maxsa Innovations 40218 Motion Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight and sells for under $45 and is solar powered not using any electricity. Great for sheds, porches, garages or anyplace you want protection. Install is very simple no wiring.

For a $10 less with 30 reviews and an almost 4 star rating check out the Solar Powered 15 LED Security Light and Motion Detector made by LED Wholesalers. Mounts on house, pole or roof and is ideal for backyard security and walkway lighting and boasts no bulb maintenance.

Next this outdoor motion sensor light has 95 reviews with 4 star rating, so it's a very popular light. It is the Fulcrum Products Light-It 6 LED Porch Light with Motion Sensor. It is not solar and can be used both indoors and out or anywhere you choose as it is wireless, price is under $25.

You will love this quality outdoor indoor motion sensor step light that glows in the dark. It is the LED Wireless Step Light with Motion Sensor-Photocell-Weatherproof- Battery Operated Mr Beams MB 530. As all outdoor wireless motion sensor lights it can be placed anywhere it has 22 reviews with 4 stars on Amazon. Mr Beams is a popular brand of motion sensor lighting, price under $20.

Then there is the glow stone that blends into any landscape as the granite finish looks real. The full name of this gem is the P3- P7400 Glowstone Pathway Motion Sensors made by P3. It has 5 stars on Amazon and sells for $15, so you don't have much to lose on a try out, battery operated.

Lastly, we have a wireless outdoor motion detector light that is a bit more costly, but doesn't break the bank at under $50. It is the, get ready it's a long name, Cooper Lighting RFM300W 180 Degree 300 W Digital Wireless Motion Security System with Remote Landscape Stake Sensor, White made by Cooper Lighting. It doesn't get any easier than this you simply put the stake in the ground.

Now that you have several types of affordable outdoor wireless motion sensor lights as well as LED solar lighting options to check out you're not clueless as to what is available.

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