Coleman Camping Tent Review: The Hooligan Tent

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The Coleman Camping Montana Tent is one of the many tents from manufacturer Coleman. Coleman became a famous brand in the tent-world.

This article is an article in a series of Coleman Camping Tent Review, check out the Coleman Weathermaster Tent Review for instance. This article focuses on the Coleman Hooligan.

Coleman Camping Tent Review: The Hooligan

The Coleman Hooligan Camping Tent. If you plan to buy only one tent but go camping out with more than 2 people, stop reading now. Take a look at the picture and see how small this tent is. This is the smallest tent we are reviewing in this series.

The features say it is suitable for two person, but that is hardly true. You will be happy if you can fit in one person only.


  • Single door. There is no room for more doors.
  • Single pole dome structure. Not only easy to transport, but easy to set up as well.
  • WeatherTec system. Which should keep you dry!

Setting up and tearing down

Easy, very easy. This tent has only one pole, so you can probably set up this tent within 5 minutes. An experienced camper could probably be even faster.


The entire tent is only mesh, so I am not sure how durable that would be. Of course, mesh is pretty vulnerable so maybe there would be a problem.


If you want to camp with comfort, this is not your tent. There is a little comfort as you can put your bags/shoes in the vestibule before entering the tent, but it is still a really small tent. And if you are tall, like me (around 1.90 meters) you are not going to find a lot of comfort in this tent.


The rain flies do protect pretty well against leaking in. Also the corners are waterproof and the outer tent is made of the special 'WeatherTec' system of Coleman, so this tent should definitely keep you dry!


The pricing of this tent is really good. This little tent will only cost you $64. A fair price for such a small tent in my opinion.


  • The tent is small. Yes, I cannot say anything else, this tent is just really small.
  • Not very durable. With only a mesh on the inside it could be really vulnerable.


Lets list it up, shall we?


  • Lightweight. Easy to carry around when you are hiking or something.
  • (Really) easy to set up. Within 10 minutes is an amazing set-up time and gives you more time to actually enjoy your holiday.
  • Cheap. With not even 65$ the Hooligan is among the cheapest in the list of Coleman Camping Tents.


  • Not very durable. With only the mesh inside tent.
  • Very small.

In conclusion the Coleman Hooligan does very good. It is a small one, but if that is what you are going for, it is a great one. Great for loners, maybe for couples. Not a tent where you can stay in for weeks if you are staying on the same spot. I hope you appreciated this Coleman Camping Tent Review: The Hooligan!

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