Outdoor Furniture Repair Kits

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An outdoor furniture repair kit can come with many supplies and accessories, but there are simply some you just must have to get the job done right.  There are many benefits to purchasing or making an ‘emergency’ kit, which I would like to go over with you in detail.  I’d also like to point out some of the supplies you’ll want to have, should you need to do same patchwork to your patio furniture, to keep it looking great for years to come. 

Tools:  Regardless of the type of patio furniture repair you need to do, you’ll likely at some point need to use tools to complete the project.  Sandpaper, screwdrivers, and some wrenches will be nice to have on hand when you need to fix something up and keep it looking great and fully functional.  You probably won’t need power tools, but you can add them, if you choose.

Replacement Nylon Webbing:  If you have webbed aluminum folding lawn chairs, or other items which use nylon strapping, you’ll want to have a roll of it on hand.  It’s pretty cheap, so it won’t break the bank and you won’t have to wait for a week to have it shipped to.  Since repairs are needed at the worst times, like just before you have friends over for a cookout, you need to be prepared.  Webbing can actually come in handy for more than just aluminum folding lawn chairs, so it’s a good thing to have on hand and ready to go.

Nuts, Bolts, Hardware:  If you have umbrellas, lawn chairs, outdoor table and chair sets, or just about anything else, you might have to do some outdoor furniture repairs which will require some hardware to complete.  Take a look at what you might potentially need and get it ready to go when you need it.

Outdoor Wood Filler/Putty:  This is essential for anything made of wood, which is prone to gouging and deep scratches.  Outdoor wood putty can be purchased in many different colors, so be sure to get one that closely matches the items on your deck or patio.  These can really do wonders to cover up imperfections, sometimes making them almost unnoticeable to people, and they only cost a few dollars or less.

Touch Up Paint:  Again, this is to cover up the accidents that happen along the way and keep your outdoor furniture which needs repairs looking great.  You might actually find some manufacturers that include touch up paint and things of that nature with your furniture purchase.  If that’s the case, you can just add it to your kit and save the money of going out and buying the supply on your own.

Stain Remover:  What are you going to do if juice or a beverage of some sort is spilled on your patio chair cushions?  A small container of stain remover will work great for removing those little stains, so a full washing isn’t needed.  These are cheap, generally under two dollars, but come in very handy, especially if you have kids around, who are prone to spilling things.

Cleaning Supplies:  Often overlooked are the cleaning supplies you need to complete and work on outdoor furniture repairs.  If your kit doesn’t have some basic cleaning supplies, it might not have everything included which you could potentially need.

Sewing Supplies:  Expect fabric to get small rips and tears and be ready when it happens.  A few sewing supplies, just a simple needle and spool of thread, will help to mend those rips and make them almost invisible, especially when along the seams of cushions and patio furniture covers.

Glue and Tape:  Duct tape isn’t really something designed to make a permanent repair, but if a quick fix is needed, it will work out just fine.  Glue will be needed for many fixes you might need to perform, so it belongs in the supply kit.  Keep in mind that different kinds of glue adhere to different materials, so you might need more than one bottle on hand.

Tool Box:  Assuming you put together a homemade outdoor furniture repair kit, you don’t need anything too big.  In fact, almost any storage container with compartments, like a tackle box for fishing, will work.  You can get them cheap at the dollars stores and they will work just fine.

Why You Need an Outdoor Furniture Repair Kit

Obviously, you need it to make repairs, but that’s only a small reason.  There are many others which could spur you along to have a kit ready to go when you need it.  The list below represents a few of those reasons.

Damage Happens at Bad Times:  You know how it goes.  You have a gathering scheduled for tomorrow, where everyone is going to be there.  You lounge around outside in the morning, just a few hours before they get there, and the damage happens.  Things never happen at opportune times, do they?  Have an outdoor furniture repair kit made up or buy one and have it ready to go for such incidents.

Popular Colors Change:  Will you be able to match colors in a year?  Two years?  Ten years?  Maybe, but it might be hit and miss.  Have the supplies ready, so you don’t run into this problem down the road.  Now, over time, colors will fade in the sun, so you might need to periodically check to make sure what you have will still work and match well.

They’re Cheap:  You want to protect your investment and the kits and supplies you need to make outdoor furniture repairs are pretty cheap, so it’s a good and cost effective way to make sure your chairs and tables look great for a long time to come.

Saves Time:  Why scramble and look around for all the supplies you need, when you can keep them all in one place and have them ready to go?  It’s a great reason to have an outdoor furniture repair kit on hand when you need it.

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