Cool Camping Gadgets – Get a Tent Fan for Those Hot and Steamy Nights

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Battery Operated Tent Fans

So, you are on that well deserved camping trip. You have picked what seems like the hottest weekend of the year, and you are suffocating. That little tiny screened window they give you in the tent is not doing too much for air flow, this is when you could have used a tent fan.

It wasn't until I had a wander through the outdoor and adventure show that was in the city close to us, that I realized I was missing out on cool camping gadgets. There is a lot on the market now that can make your life a bit easier on that next camping trip.

There are tent fans that are safe to run in a tent, as they do not need to be plugged in. As long as you have 4 D cell batteries (stock up if it is going to be a hot week!). You can get 21 hours out of one of these tent fans. That is plenty of time for a couple of good nights sleep. It can be even more if you just leave it on the lowest speed.

They work just as well as any other portable fan, but they are safe and designed for the tent or RV. This can move that hot stale air that you get in the tent on those hot nights or those way to early sunny hot mornings!

Nothing like having a late "fun" night, and then being woken up by the hot still air in the tent with the morning sun.

These are not too big, and can pack easily, and are great for anywhere you don't have access to power. Maybe on that back porch or shed. It doesn't have to be for camping. But this really works well in a tent for moving air. Cool Camping Gadgets – Tent Fan

Tent Fan

So, if you have been considering a camping trip this year, or you are a seasoned camper, you are probably still packing the same gear each trip right? Well treat yourself to some cool camping gadgets, such as the tent fan. It is affordable and can make the difference between sleeping and no sleeping on those hot summer nights.

Head to your local camping/ RV and outdoor show or store. They will have all the latest in cool camping gadgets. Gadgets, that you wonder how you managed without. If there is something that annoys you on a camping trip, chances are it annoyed someone else too, and they invented a camping gadget to remedy the situation.

With high tech gadgets too, you can even carry solar backpacks for powering up your laptop and other electronics. There are lots of cool camping gadgets on the market, that are worth checking out. If you love camping, then why not be comfortable.

Make a mental list of the things that bugged you the most, and see if you can replace it with something lighter and more high tech. Many of the latest camping gadgets are created for space saving and portability.

You can also check online to compare prices and see just what is available. So, if this is your favorite way to holiday, then upgrade some of your camping gadgets and really enjoy your break this time without overloading the car.

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