Kids Walkie Talkie Options

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Kids walkie talkies are quite common as they are fund gadgets that most children love to play with. They are quite safe and parents can usually find alternative ways to make good use of these walkie talkies if the situation requires it. Below is a good list of some of the many children’s walkie talkies and some of the reasons why certain radios are better than others.

Kids Walkie Talkies

Kids love cool gadgets just like adults do that’s why getting a handsfree walkie talkie or a wristwatch walkie talkie may be a good idea. This will allow your child the freedom to run around and play with his or her friends and not have to worry about dropping or losing the device.

Another option is to buy a specific device branded for kids such as Spiderman walkie talkie, Sesame Street walkie talkie or some other children’s brands. You’d be surprised just how many kids walkie talkies there really are on the market.

For the younger kids you can go with a toy walkie talkie which depending on your model won’t really be a working device or it will just be a simple toy that works across the house. After all , there’s no point in investing in a high end long range walkie talkie until your child is old enough to go out of the house and take care of a nicer two way radio.

Walkie Talkie Accessories

If you narrow down your selection make sure to consider the accessories you or your child may need. A walkie talkie headset, batteries, and/or wrist straps may be a nice addition to your purchase and may be needed down the road anyway.

Again, stick to low end accessories as these will be used as toys and probably won't last as long as if you were buying a walkie talkie for adult use.

Prices of Children’s Walkie Talkies

Two way radios used to be far more expensive than they are today. That is mostly because they are an older technology. For the simple fact that you can purchase branded walkie talkies for kids this shows you that the low end units can be quite affordable.

If you want a basic toy for your child that you don’t expect to last then go low end and be very price sensitive. Low end toy radios can range from $10 to $30 unless you are going for a specific item which is a collecters piece and difficult to find.

If on the other hand your kid is a little older and you expect him or her to take care of the device and use it for practical purposes in addition to playtime then the prices of walkie talkies you are considering should be a bit higher. Shoot for the $30-$50 price range. This iwill give you some quality options without paying an arm and a leg for the professional models.

No matter what, don’t plan on paying for expensive professional walkie talkies which can range from the hundred to thousands of dollars unless you plan on keeping them out of the hands of kids who will not take care of them. If you need a quality professional grade or long range two way radio then you should reserve this just for adults usage and buy your kids a lower end model.

Shopping For Children's Walkie Talkies

If you look around you can usually find a good deal of selection no matter how expensive and fancy you want to go. Phone walkie talkies where the phone function also carries a 2-way radio feature are widely available. Many Motorola phones have this feature built in. Similarly you can pay up for long range radio devices. 10 mile walkie talkies are not unheard of nor are handsfree walkie talkie headsets and waterproof walkie talkies.

Again, many of these potential features are probably too much to buy for your kid. Kids walkie talkies should be simple and cheap as they will most often be used as toys. If they ever take to camping or hunting or any other activity here 2-way radio use is normal then you can use that as an opportunity to upgrade.

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