Turkey Hunting Tips & Best Gear for 2024

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turkey hunting tips and gear for 2024 by Outdoor Tech Lab

Gear Up For Exciting Turkey Hunting this Spring

The air rings with gobbles as spring turkey hunting season arrives. After a long winter, Michigan hunters eagerly await the chance to match wits with these wary birds as the action heats up from late April through early June 2024. Gear up and pattern these springtime turkey birds for a thrilling hunt.

Hit Multiple State Areas for Turkey

Michigan offers excellent public land opportunities to zero in on gobblers. Top state game and wildlife areas to target include Allegan, Muskegon, and Highland Recreation Areas along with Barry State Game Area and lands surrounding Manistee National Forest.

Tips on Finding Turkey Hotspots & Zones

Focus on finding flocks near woodlots surrounded by agriculture fields that turkeys use for feeding. Also target oak forests near rivers or marshlands around daybreak when tom turkeys get vocal.

Be Mobile on the Hunt

Cover ground scouting for flocks and identifying as many roosting zones as possible. Lock in multiple sites since groups shift locations day to day. Being mobile also allows reacting to another hunter’s setup.

Camouflage Essentials for Turkey

Concealment is crucial when turkeys have telescopic vision. Opt for camo with leaves, branches or grass integrated into the pattern and wear gloves/face masks for maximal effect. Practice walking smoothly without spooking wildlife. Consider a ground blind to become part of the landscape.

Where is the Best Turkey Hunting in Michigan? Best Area?

According to the pro hunters, answer is the Allegan State Game Area for 2024. Top area recommended to bag a spring Turkey!

This might be the top turkey hunting tip of all.


Turkey Gear Basic Checklist

– Shotgun (12 or 20 gauge)
– Turkey ammo (lead #4-6 shot)
– Camouflage hunting attire
– Face/hand masks
– Decoys (hens/jakes)
– Slate, box, or mouth calls
– Hunting seat pad

turkey hunting camo
turkey hunters camo gear in use

Tagging a spring gobbler presents a thrilling test of skill for hunters across the U.S.

As opening day nears, scout known haunts, pattern behaviors near roosts, deploy effective camo and calls, then wait for the exciting sound of gobbles.

Good luck this Michigan Turkey season and hopefully these hunting tips help!

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Best Gear and Tech for Turkey Season 2024

  • Camouflage Clothing: Opt for camo suits or jackets and pants featuring an integrated leafy, grassy or pine needle pattern that mimics local vegetation to help hide outlines. Avoid solid blocks of color.
  • Boots: Choose light, comfortable boots in a camo pattern to quietly traverse the woods. Ankle support protects from uneven ground while tread helps pivot quickly when birds appear.
  • Turkey Vests: Convenient turkey vests or hunting jackets provide plenty of pockets and loops for calls, ammo, gloves and other immediate access gear. Features to look for include padded or mesh seats, cartridge carrying capacity, adjustable fit and muted colors like camo, brown or green.
  • Locating Calls: Variety helps – carry slate, diaphragm, box and tube-style calls that mimic hen and baby chick sounds. Practice purrs, “kee kees” and yelps. Consider a push-button call that produces sounds when pressed against the roof of the mouth. Newcomers may opt for hooks or friction peg calls as they require less experience.
  • Shotguns: Trusted repeaters like pump action Remington 870s or semi-autos from Benelli and Browning take 3″ shells holding heavy payloads of #4, #5 or #6 shot for turkeys at typical ranges. Open chokes improve spread density key to clean harvests. If allowed, scoped rifles for headshots out to 40+ yards work but reduce margin of error.
  • With a well-stocked vest and effective, properly patterned shotgun, triumph waits for attentive turkey hunters this spring.
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solar charger backpack
Mountaineer Solar Backpack – image credit/Outdoor Tech

Wishing You All the Best Out There This Turkey Season

As Michigan spring turkey season kicks off once again across the state, we want to wish you all the best of luck out there in your pursuit of these crafty birds over the month and a half hunt.

Whether sitting patiently in your trusty old hunting spot or trying a new public land area this year, may your calls sound crisp and enticing. May your setup be brushed in, your decoys inviting, and your vest pockets properly stocked with vital gear.

We hope your scouting has revealed promising patterns to set an ambush and that this year’s elusive gobbler gives you just enough of a glimpse to make the shot.

When that first thunderous gobble echoes through the Spring air, may your heart race with excitement (not buck fever)!

Most of all, we hope you thoroughly enjoy your time out in the turkey woods, taking in the beauty of nature awakening. Bonding with fellow hunters and fully unplugging from busy everyday routines for awhile.

Create fun new stories and memories that will endure when this gear gets packed away again next Winter.

This can be an extremely rewarding season. Happy turkey hunting to all! Wishing you nothing but safe, ethical, fun adventures ahead!

Gobble gobble!

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