How To Pick The Best Tent For Your Camping Trip

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Tents for Camping: in-Depth View on How to Pick The Best Camp Tent

Picking The Right Tent Is Essential To A Good Camping Trip

Your Camping Experience

A huge part of your camping experience is your quality equipment. One piece of equipment that you must have on any camping trip is a tent. This is why there are many tents to choose from.

The most important part about choosing your tent is to decide the size and dimension of the tent.

Different Types Of Tents

Tents come in all different sizes. They are that way because of the various number of people who have to fit in them.

A single backpacker would need a tent that was for one or two people, not 8. Like wise, a family of 5 need a larger tent than a single camper.

All tents come with a number of capacity on them. This tells you how many people can fit inside the tent so you buy the right one.

To start off, you have to decide what size of tent you need? If you backpack with a companion than you are going to pick a tent that is for two so you can decrease the load.

Components Of A Tent

The components of tent are the poles, tent body, rain fly and the tarp.

  • Poles – The poles are the frame of the tent. They hold up the tent and serve as the structure behind the design.
  • Tent Body – The tent body is the covering of the tent. It is the part that goes over the frame (poles) to make the structure complete. It is a hard covering that stops the rain or outside weather from getting in.
  • Rain Fly – The rain fly is an add-on to the tent that goes around the outside to help keep out the rain and keep you dry outside the tent.
  • Tarp – The tarp is an extra floor cloth that goes on the floor that will help extend the life of the tent.

4 Things To Look For When Picking A Tent

There are 4 things that you have to look at when picking a tent. Here is a list and description.

  1. Needs – You have to consider your needs for your camping trip. Things like the season you go camping, or what type of camping activity you plan on doing. Take all these answers and they should start giving you a good idea of the type of tent you need.
  2. Money – Tents clearly cost money. And the more elaborate and larger a tent is, the more money it is going to cost.. What you need to do is check your budget and decide how much money you can afford to spend. Set the money aside for the tent you want.
  3. Size – You have to consider the overall size and weight of the tent you want. Are you going to be using a car as your primary method of transporting you tent or will it be on your back? How many people are going to be sleeping in your tent? Are you looking for comfort or affordability? All these things go into purchasing a tent.
  4. Features – There are so many things that you can have in your tent. You can have mesh vents that allow a breeze to come in. You can have a mesh that keeps out the bugs like mosquitos. Also, you can poles that allow you to a speedy setup. Also, there are waterproof options as well.
  5. Color – Color is really for aesthetic reasons but you should consider that there are many to choose from. There is no reason not to have the one you want. On the other hand, if you are going camping and hunting, you may want to have a camouflage color instead of a regular one.
  6. Waterproof – Make sure that any tent you buy has the little tag or writing that says waterproof on it.

I would like to suggest that when you are looking for tent, you also try to buy a little bigger. If you have a family of four, you should try to buy a tent for 5 or 6.

This way you will have extra room for anything else you may want to do.

Also, make sure that you have a light or something that will allow you to see in your tent when it is dark out.

This will help you see in your tent and make it a little more fun for your children.


These are a few things that can help you in the decision to buy the right tent. Follow this list and you are well on your way to buying the right tent.

If you have any suggestions yourself on how to buy the right tent for your camping trip, please post it here so we all can see.



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