How to Hunt for Bigfoot: Gear, Equipment & Guide

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While the search for Bigfoot is an exciting prospect, it’s important to recognize that there is no scientific evidence to support it’s existence. 

Is Bigfoot Real? We think so! Based on real encounters, my answer is yes.

Therefore, the concept of how to hunt for Bigfoot carries ethical and ecological concerns, but the chase is on.

Bigfoot gear and equipment is in high demand.

Additionally, focusing on a Sasquatch capture or harm goes against the principles of responsible research and respectful interaction with the natural world.

OutDoor Tech Lab has spent hours in the field, mainly in Northern Michigan, finding hot zones of Bigfoot/Sasquatch activity.

However, if you’re interested in searching for Bigfoot and researching it’s potential habitat, here is a guide with tactics, Bigfoot hunting equipment & top gear that can aid in observation and documentation, with safety and responsible practices in mind.

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Basic Bigfoot Hunting Gear & Research

  • Navigation: Compass, GPS device, detailed maps (remember to download offline versions for remote areas).
  • Communication: Satellite phone, walkie-talkies (with extra batteries).
  • DashCam: I always have mine on! You just never know in Northern Michigan. Check out our Amazon Dash Cam guide!
  • Safety: First-aid kit, emergency shelter, bear spray (depending on location).
  • Observation: High-quality binoculars, night vision goggles (optional), thermal camera (optional).
  • Documentation: Sturdy cameras with extra batteries and memory cards, audio recorder, field notebook and pen.
  • Clothing: Sturdy hiking boots, weather-appropriate clothing, camouflage (optional).
  • Bigfoot Caller: Download your favorite Sasquatch recordings and howls and play them on a quality Bluetooth speaker in a prime area! This is easy and fun! It’s lead to some of my best encounters without a doubt. Predator calls also work well. A must-have item in your Bigfoot equipment pack!


Essential Bigfoot/Sasquatch Hunting Equipment:

  • Trail cameras: Motion-activated cameras for discreet wildlife monitoring.
  • Infrared cameras: Capture images in low-light conditions without disturbing potential subjects.
  • Acoustic recording devices: Detect and record unusual sounds.
  • Lidar or thermal scanners: Advanced technology for terrain mapping and potential heat signatures (requires expertise).


  • Prioritize safety and responsible practices. Respect the environment and wildlife.
  • Obtain necessary permits and permissions for accessing restricted areas.
  • Research the ethics of searching for unproven cryptids. Consider respectful observation instead of “hunting.”
  • Document your findings meticulously. Include detailed notes, timestamps, and location data.
  • Share your findings with relevant research communities. Collaborate with others and contribute to open scientific inquiry.

Ultimately, the most powerful tool for exploring the Bigfoot mystery is a critical and objective mind.

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Remember, the goal is not to “capture” a myth, but to approach the unknown with respect, curiosity, and a commitment to responsible research practices.

OutDoor Tech Lab Expedition Guide: How to Hunt for Bigfoot in the Remote Backcountry Across North America

We must repeat that no definitive proof confirms the existence of a large undocumented North American primate nicknamed Bigfoot or Sasquatch in cryptozoology circles, dedicated researchers deploy an array of technology across vast wilderness areas attempting evidence gathering.

We survey the top Bigfoot gear and tactics that ambitious search parties utilize during multi-day grid expeditions spanning promising Sasquatch habitats.

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Top Specialty Bigfoot Gear Picks

– High Sensitivity Night Vision Devices – Scan darkness for heat signatures and movement
– Rapid Trigger 4K Game Cameras – Capture identifiable images 24/7 automatically
– High Gain Parabolic Microphones – Record and identify unusual vocal patterns
– DF11 Dual Spectrum Drones – Spot heat shapes from 400′ altitudes
– Field DNA Sample Collection Tools – Safely obtain organic matter for labs

Promising Remote Bigfoot Locations

Hot zones include dense Pacific Northwest and Michigan woodlands with regular alleged sightings, swamplands of the southeastern bayous, Appalachian forests, and the Rocky Mountains stretching through multiple western states and Canada based on patterns of unexplained encounters.

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Camera drone action

Common Questions & Answers about Bigfoot

  • Why haven’t we found remains? Lack of bones or fossils can be attributed to populations existing in smaller family groups across vast encampments. These creatures also display human-level intelligence to possibly bury deceased purposefully.
  • Do p/g film footages seem legitimate? While short clips like the Patterson-Gimlin footage offer intriguing moments, conclusive identification proves impossible without larger context, verified DNA sampling, etc. Careful examination cannot completely rule out well-executed hoaxes.
  • Is definitive proof really possible? If elusive creatures matching widespread Bigfoot descriptions inhabit remote North American forests, conclusive high definition video, verified DNA sampling, or even the extremely unlikely event of a verified body would provide genuine validation and radically reshape zoology.

Why pursue the Bigfoot Legend? For curious minds, the intellectual prospect of discovering and documenting new megafauna unlike any known species drives their interest.

Like genealogists hoping to locate obscure ancestors, some view it as unraveling a compelling mystery.

While mainstream science remains unconvinced by existing circumstantial Sasquatch evidence, advancements in optical gear plus DNA forensic capabilities give adventurers tools to pursue tangible proof if this reclusive Bigfoot hominid truly roams our most isolated wildlands.

But we always stress proper backcountry safety preparations and having the top gear ahead of lengthy remote pursuits!

Gear Guide Recap for How to Hunt for Bigfoot Today

  • Night Vision Optics
    High quality night vision goggles or scopes enable scanning forested areas even in pitch darkness when mysterious creatures may roam. Handheld units like FLIR Scout wrap around eyes allowing hands-free operation. Definite top Bigfoot gear!
  • Digital Trail Cameras
    Remote cameras triggered by motion sensors can capture images day or night if subjects walk past. Choose HD models with rapid trigger speeds, long-range IR flash, weatherproof casing, and cellular transmission capabilities if available.
  • Parabolic Microphones
    Highly directional microphones mounted on stands can pick up sounds hundreds of yards away and record vocalizations for analysis. Useful for detecting movements or monitoring interaction sounds. Must-have Bigfoot gear!
  • Drones
    Equipping aerial drones with cameras and FLIR sensors expands the search area exponentially versus ground hunting. Program drones to scan vast swaths of forest autonomously via preset flight grids. High tech Bigfoot equipment is super hot and does produce.
  • DNA Collection Kits
    Carry sterile swabs, tweezers, sample bags and tags for properly gathering hair, fur, blood or tissue found while on location. Should unknown primate DNA ever be encountered, documentation prevents contamination.

Sterile scientific practices around potential sample gathering protects credibility. Skilled woodsmen recommend always carrying basic survival items and emergency communication tools like a Garmin InReach GPS locator should hazardous situations arise far from assistance when hunting the big guy!

Always be prepared and stay connected.

Happy hunting!


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    1. Hi there Paul!
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