Bike GPS: Garmin 800 Best Price

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Cycling computers are a curse and a blessing. They provide a lot of cool stats — like distance, cadence, and heart rate. They also remind us just how slow we are at times, with speed and power data!

Besides the standard metrics, a few cycling computers now have GPS. The Garmin Edge 800 or 840 bundle is a prime example.

This Garmin cycling computer is pricey, though, and makes us wonder: Where can the Garmin 840 best price be found?

Finding a Garmin Edge 800 for sale

Finding a Garmin Edge 800 for sale is easy nowadays because this unit has been in the market for more than a few years.

Although many places like eBay may offer great prices, warranty claims might be hard to deal with. Amazon is a solid choice 👌

A store that has a physical presence — along with an online presence for easy shopping — offers a good bet. Let’s look at two options.

Bike shop: The best price for a cycling GPS can usually be found at a bike shop.

Bike shop owners often provide perks to repeat customers, or those who buy expensive items. Those perks can include discounts or free stuff to reward you for your business.

The shop employees will know more about the products, too, which is good if you’re on the fence about purchasing a Garmin GPS.

Sporting goods store: If a bike shop isn’t an option for you, consider a sporting goods store. Some stores offer discounts, but you might have to hunt and peck to find a sales flier or coupon code.

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One problem with retail sporting goods stores is the employee usually doesn’t know anything about the product, which is a disadvantage if you are still reviewing which Garmin bike GPS you want.

Check for sales

Many online bike shops and sporting goods stores offer 5 to 10 percent off purchases at certain times of the year.

The key is to know when the sales are by signing up for email offers from the website you are thinking about buying your unit from. This allows you a good way to keep track of when a sale is happening without visiting the store’s website daily.

Outlet sales and reconditioned units

Picking up a factory-second Garmin cycling computer might be an option, especially if you visit cycling retailer websites daily. If you don’t visit them daily, you’re liable to miss out the open box and reconditioned units.

The on-hand stock for these high-end electronics changes pretty quick. Many folks, like you, are looking to get a good deal from the outlet sale.

Buying used

Buying a used bike GPS will cost you little up front, but could cost you a lot down the road.

You never know how bad the prior owner abused the item. (Remember, the Edge 800 is waterproof and can be used on a mountain bike.)

Electronic items are a gamble. You could get a good deal; you could get a lemon.

If something went wrong with a used unit, you could sent the unit back to Garmin for repair. As of now, Garmin’s flat repair rate is $99 for the Edge 800. The repairs have a 90-day warranty.

The deal would have to be really good — like free — to pick up a used one once you factor in potential repairs.

Patience will by key to finding the Garmin 800 series best price if you buy new.

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