ZOLEO Plans: Satellite Communicator for the Off-Grid World

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ZOLEO: Your Lifeline to the Off-Grid World

Are you an avid hiker, camper, boater, or backpacker who craves the serenity of remote locations but worries about staying connected? This is where ZOLEO plans come in!

We get asked about them all the time and here are the answers.

ZOLEO satellite communicators, with their versatile and flexible plans, could be the perfect solution to bridge the communication gap between wilderness and civilization without breaking the bank.

Why Choose ZOLEO?

ZOLEO stands out in the satellite communicator market for several reasons:

  • Global Reach: Powered by the Iridium satellite network, ZOLEO offers truly worldwide coverage, ensuring you’re never out of touch.
  • Seamless Messaging: Send and receive SMS text messages, emails, or app-to-app messages even when you’re out of cellular range.
  • SOS Assurance: 24/7 emergency SOS monitoring provides peace of mind, knowing that help can be summoned if needed.
  • Weather Forecasts: Get location-based weather reports to make informed decisions for a safe and enjoyable trip.
zoleo satellite communicator and zoleo plans info
ZOLEO satellite communicator

ZOLEO Plans: Find Your Perfect Fit


Rugged, GPS location-aware and Iridium satellite based, the ZOLEO device links with the free ZOLEO app on your smartphone to keep you connected when outside cell coverage.

Monthly subscription required: $20, $35 or $50 (25, 250 or unlimited satellite messages) with unlimited check-in, SOS, cell and Wi-Fi messages included.

After the initial 3-month commitment, suspend for just $4/mo. Plans available in USA, Canada, Australia, EU but work globally.

ZOLEO offers plans catering to different needs and usage patterns:

Basic Plan

  • Ideal for: Casual adventurers who want reliable communication for check-ins and occasional updates.
  • Includes:
    • 25 monthly satellite messages
    • Unlimited check-ins
    • SOS monitoring

In Touch Plan

  • Ideal for: Frequent explorers venturing further off-grid.
  • Includes:
    • 250 monthly satellite messages
    • Unlimited check-ins
    • SOS monitoring

Unlimited Plan

  • Ideal for: Serious outdoor enthusiasts, remote workers, and those onextended expeditions.
  • Includes:
    • Unlimited satellite messages
    • Unlimited check-ins
    • SOS monitoring

Beyond the Basics

ZOLEO’s additional features enhance your off-grid experience:

  • Dedicated Number: Get a dedicated ZOLEO number for people to easily contact you, even when you’re out of cellular range.
  • Location Sharing: Let loved ones track your adventures in real-time.

Choosing Your Plan

Consider these factors when picking the right ZOLEO plan:

  • Trip Frequency: Are you a weekend wanderer or a seasoned expeditioner?
  • Messaging Needs: Do you need basic check-ins or frequent communication updates?
  • Budget: ZOLEO’s plans offer a range of prices.

ZOLEO Reviews: What Users Are Saying

ZOLEO enjoys positive reviews from outdoor enthusiasts and those who need reliable communication in remote situations. Here are some common highlights:

  • Ease of Use: Users praise ZOLEO’s intuitive app and seamless integration with smartphones.
  • Message Reliability: Delivery of texts, even in areas of limited coverage, is a consistent strong point.
  • Peace of Mind: The SOS feature and knowing help is available brings significant reassurance.

ZOLEO FAQs: Your Questions Answered

  • How does ZOLEO differ from competitors like Garmin inReach? ZOLEO focuses more on seamless messaging, including the ability to send regular SMS texts directly to cell phone numbers. Garmin inReach offers more robust navigation features.
  • Can I use my ZOLEO without a smartphone? Yes, you can still send basic check-in messages and trigger an SOS using the device itself, though a smartphone expands your messaging capabilities.
  • Can I suspend my plan during the off-season? Yes, for a $4 monthly fee, you can suspend your plan while retaining your ZOLEO number.

Embrace Adventure, Stay Connected

ZOLEO satellite communicators are game-changers for outdoor lovers. With versatile ZOLEO plans, global coverage, and lifesaving features, they provide a reliable bridge to communication while you explore the world’s wildest corners.

Ready to learn more? Visit ZOLEO’s website at their Amazon store to explore their features, deals and devices in detail.


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