Princess Castle Play Tents For Girls-Indoor Outdoor Magical Fun

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I think every little girl, at one time or another, dreams about being a princess. Princesses get to ride around in magical coaches. They get to wear the most beautiful gowns. They get to wave sparkly wands that make wishes come true. The best part about being a princess is getting to live in a castle. Today's young queen doesn't even have to wait for her subjects to build the castle.

So Many Play Tent Possibilities 

It's amazing how many cool toys are available for little girls these days in this category. If you plan on running your own kingdom, there is no shortage of accessories. What I find appealing  is how pretty some of these pop-ups truly are. Some are draped in lovely shimmering fabric and accented with twinkling lights.

 They are just as much a decorative element in a girl's room as they are something to play with. In other words, if a parent wants to pamper their princess with something beautiful, there are some pretty fancy pop-ups to choose from.

Back In The Day, We Had To Make Our Own Castles

 When I was a kid, if I wanted to make a play tent or a fort to live out an imaginary adventure, I had to get an old sheet to drape over a card table. Even if I was going to be a princess, I had to cut out my own windows and doors. My "castle" consisted of some old, worn-out plaid or avocado green sheets.

As an upgrade, a huge discarded cardboard box allowed me to post signs, glue on crepe paper frills and crawl inside with a flashlight to create that glow-in-the-dark sensation. Aren't little girls lucky these days? Making a princess castle has never been so quick and easy.

 What Is It About Tents That Kids Love?

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon.comKids love to explore spaces and seek out interesting nooks and crannies; especially very young kids.  Having your very own tent is like having your own house where you get to decide what happens imagination-wise. You can be nice and share it with your siblings and friends, or you can tell everybody to keep out, or else.

 The tent shown here on the right is another view of the LED Star Light Princess Castle featured below. So pretty!

SueSport Tent With Glow In The Dark Stars

This one is as cute as a pink cake. If you put it out in the sunlight during the day, the stars will glow in the dark at night. The compact shape makes it perfect to tuck into a corner. If I was a three or four-year-old, I would love having this fun tent in my room. This one features:

  • A lightweight and fully portable design with its own carry bag.
  • Fast and easy assembly with support poles.
  • See-through windows and roll-up flap door.
  • Whimsical cone-shaped roof that is simply adorable.


Fairy Princess Indoor Outdoor Pop-Up Castle

Does your girl want plenty of air circulating throughout her castle? Perhaps a pink palace that comes with large windows and "skylights" would be to her liking.  The petal-shaped trim around the bottom of the roof is ultra-girly and adorable. It also features:

  • The ability to fold down into flat circle.
  • A velcro door that rolls up so visitors can greet the princess.
  • A carry case with zipper closure.
  • 4 poles that are used as the frame and support. Assembly is like setting up a real tent, but isn't too time consuming or difficult.

Stars And Hearts With Removable Roof

Does anybody know why a princess would require a palace with a removable roof? Maybe she simply enjoys "flipping her top" every once in a while.  The Stars & Hearts play tent lets you take off the top portion to allow more air flow. Without the top, there is still a mesh cover to keep the royal subjects inside pest-free. It also features:

  • A true pop-up construction that makes it set up in a snap.
  • A practical hexagon shape that gives it more floor space.
  • Large mesh windows all around for the princess who needs a view from every angle.
  • A carry bag for portability and storage.

LED Star Light Castle

If your princess is extra fancy, a play tent with beautiful lights would make her heart sing. I think this one would be so gorgeous for an outdoor party. For a little girl's play castle, it has quite the sophisticated look, especially when the lights are on.

It also features:

  • A strand of 23 battery operated star shaped LED lights.
  • Curtain-style sides if the princess wants to convert her castle to a cabana.
  • A tubular carry sack that holds the fabric and poles in a neat, compact way.
  • Dainty polka dot fabric and contrasting trim.

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