Keystone Eco Tag Solar Charger for Your Electronics

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This year you can potentially leave behind all of those various chargers for your small portable electronics and take only one charger when you travel. Concord Keystone Trading Company will introduce the "Keystone Eco Tag" January 7 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This portable solar charger uses the sun to power your small electronic devices including cell phones, digital music devices and digital cameras. The Keystone Eco Tag and charger houses two rechargeable AAA batteries.

It also conveniently doubles as a luggage tag with a writable surface that you can record your contact information on. You can attach it to your suitcase or carry on. This device will especially come in handy on long plane rides where an electrical connection is not available.

"The self-standing Keystone Eco Tag is at a peak charge after four hours direct exposure to full sun and eight hours in partial sun. The device also comes with a direct USB connection that fully charges the batteries and electronic devices in four hours" according to

On the downside, according to, "We just aren't convinced this is a useful way to integrate solar technology, especially as we envision this item being either crushed between suitcases in flight or getting ripped off at some point during the luggage handling process".

Perhaps the best use will be as a carry on item, rather than a check-in luggage tag, especially if the idea is to allow for an extra power source in-flight.

Either way, if you are a family of four traveling with various small electronics, carrying one small solar charger each, at a cost of around $35 retail, as opposed to multiple 110 outlet plugs that are dependent on finding a power source makes the Keystone Eco Tag solar charger a winner.

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