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How To Stay Warm In A Tent – Laid Back Camping

Outdoor adventures. Biking. Hiking. Drinking Beer. Camping is fun. Until it gets cold. If you’re not dressed for the cold, your outdoor adventure can turn into an outdoor hell.

Rule 1: Dress In Layers

Dressing in layers is the number one way to regulate your heat, camping or not. Make sure that you bring enough layers to stay warm and with enough diversity so you can adjust to the weather. Layers allow you to remove or add clothing to keep warm or cool off.

Rule 2: Always Bring Thermals

Thermals are great. They fit close to your skin and keep you extremely warm, especially when used in conjunction with layers. Always bring thermals, they weigh very little and can be balled up and thrown at the bottom of your bag.

Rule 3: Sleeping Mats

Sleeping mats serve two purposes. First, they get you off the cold ground and help you conserve body heat by storing it in your sleeping bag, not loosing it on the ground. Next, a sleeping mat is more comfortable. This is simple enough. Laying on rocks and tossing and turning about on sticks all night will leave you aching in the morning.

Rule 4: Warmers

Disposable hand warmers go an extremely long way when you’re freezing at night. The great thing about hand warmers is they’re cheap. You can buy a pair for .45 to .65 cents. Open your warmers an hour before you want to sleep, place a few in your socks, and more inside your sleeping bag. Having them warm up for an hour in your sleeping bag before you get in is a great way to get to sleep. Buy quite a few pairs, they go a far way.

Rule 5: A Great Bag

Having a good sleeping bag should be your number one investment. Buy a sleeping bag with synthetic materials, not cotton or wool. Get a bag rated to around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This will allow you the versatility to camp in the summer in your skivvies, and put on layers for those colder nights.

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