Handheld GPS Systems

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Handheld GPS systems have been fast gaining in popularity in the past few years and they offer plenty of benefits in terms of navigation, portability and ease of use over other rival electronic devices like smartphones for example. A handheld GPS system mainly serves the purpose of obtaining geographical digital images and data. These little compact units can be easily fit in your pocket and they can tell you the exact location you’re in and how to get to your desired destination.

There are plenty of factors you have to consider you are looking to purchase a handheld GPS navigation system. Some of these factors range from the superficial (do you like the look of it?) to the vitally important (does it come with multi-parallel channels?). The look and feel of the camera and case are self explanatory, but what’s this thing about multi-parallel channels? This basically means that instead of having just one satellite tracking your unit, it will have multiple satellites tracking it. In good conditions, this allows you to get a fix faster, and in extreme conditions, it can be the difference between getting a fix and getting none at all. As such, you can see why this is such a critical feature!

Another point to take note of is the concept of waypoints which are essentially locations saved as markers on your destination path that must be hit (ie give me directions to 303 Main St, but making sure I go by the intersection of First Ave and North St…the intersection of North St and First Ave would be your waypoint). Many handheld GPS navigation systems that are available for sale on the market will allow you to store a fixed number of predefined waypoints. All you have to do then is pick a number you are comfortable with, but I would try to aim for at least 100. Moreover, you will want it to be capable of storing routes, so you should make it a point to find a unit which has such a feature.

Some other practical features include getting a durable unit which has shock absorption capability. I would also advise you to get a waterproof handheld GPS unit since the last thing you will want is to be stuck in the rain and have your handheld GPS system get drenched into a sleek looking but malfunctioning paper weight. In addition, you should pick a unit which gives you the ability to enter a location and will in turn provide you with information on your current distance and direction from said location. This is an extremely useful feature and is the primary fallback option when you realize that you are being issued wrong street directions.

If you have no idea as to which handheld GPS systems to choose, you can always try doing a search on your favorite online search engine and find many reviews of handheld GPS systems which will cover some of the best handheld GPS systems available in the market. As of now, the Garmin handheld GPS systems are extremely popular in demand. Ideally speaking, you will want to buy cheap handheld GPS systems which have the necessary functionality features to suit your needs.

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