Handheld GPS – An Exciting New Device

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A handheld GPS unit is easier to use that traditional map and compass navigation, more accurate, and less error prone.


You must always have fresh batteries to be sure it will function. Some units will have difficulty communicating with a satellite in heavy timber or steep valleys.

Full Review

Shopping for the outdoors used to be so easy, but things have really changed. In the old days you would just go to the sporting goods store and look for the goods that you needed. You would pay a certain price and be done with it. You would need a tent, some sleeping bags, some warm clothes, and a map and compass. Now there are new devices and accessories that put the old stuff to shame. One of the great new devices you will certainly want for your next camping or hiking excursion is a handheld GPS. More and more outdoor people are buying this new device because it is helpful, fun, and easy to use.

The handheld GPS does exactly what a map and compass used to do, accept it’s easier to use and it is more fun to use too. In the old days, it was a real process trying to figure out how to use your map. You had to figure out your location. You also had to figure out which direction you were heading. If you were heading out with a group of friends, then you probably had to argue about which route was the quickest. With handheld GPS units, these are problems of the past. All you have to do is enter your desired destination into the device, and the device will lead the way.

There are plenty of extra features on the handheld GPS too. For example, if you don’t know the address or exact location of your destination, you can simply punch the name into your Garmin handheld GPS and it will provide you with the address and location. You can get suggestions for food, drink, of whatever you want. Not only is this device better than a map and compass, but it will let you experience camping and hiking in a whole new way. Once you camp or hike with handheld GPS systems, you will not be able to go back without one.

You can get your handheld GPS online. Some people will tell you to go to the sporting goods store, but this isn’t the best idea. At a store, you are going to get overcharged. You are also not going to have the range and selection that you will find online. The online shopping experience is also more convenient because you don’t have to leave your home. You don’t have to deal with crowds, and the device is delivered directly to your house.

In Closing

All things considered, the handheld GPS is an important advancement in any navagation, but especially in unfamiliar territory, and even more so, if you get caught in a white out, extreme fog, or some other situation where you can’t get your bearings visually.

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