GPS Handhelds For Fishing

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GPS handheld receivers are very handy for any kind of outdoor activity and if you are an outdoors person you can probably find many uses. The basic functionality of most receivers provides you with your location on a map so you know where you are. Most of them will also tell you where you have been and help guide you to a desired location. How does this help a fisherman?

The most obvious way this can help you is by marking fishing hot spots. You do this by setting a way point or destination. Some of the more advanced units will also allow you to enter notes about anything you want to enter. Things like date, time of day, what hatches were occurring, water temperature and other helpful info can make for a strong library of your personal fishing experiences at each location.

Once you enter your location information it is a very simple matter to return to the exact same spot. Select the destination on the GPS receiver and the device will tell you the direction you need to travel and how far you are away from your target. The units have many different display options that range from latitude and longitude so very simple compass directional indicators that anybody can follow.

If you store a lot of information in your GPS unit, a device that has the ability to synchronize information with your personal computer might be a great idea. In addition to downloading all of the waypoint data that you entered in the field, you can also upgrade to special maps for fisherman. These maps will have very detailed data about bodies of water in your region. Some of these maps even have under water topographical data that can help you find fish friendly structure worth exploring.

A full on marine GPS unit is another option. These units provide a ton more features around navigation but they have a couple of draw backs. First off they are much more expensive than typical handheld units. They other primary negative is that they aren’t portable so once they are mounted to your boat, you are going to want to keep them there. This obviously limits your ability to use the receiver for other activities.

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