Cool Camping Gadgets – Compact Candle Lantern – Warm Candle Lighting

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Lightweight Candle Lantern

If you love backpacking, then you know how hard it can be to not overload your backpack. You need the essentials, but many of the camping and backpacking accessories you will need are just too big. But there are some cool camping gadgets that are small and yet powerful, that can make your trip just that bit more comfortable while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Lighting has always been an issue. Carrying around a oil lantern or a propane lantern, is not practical for backpacking, and even with camping in a park, they would break or were just too cumbersome to take along, plus there was the fuel they needed.

So, you would bring flashlights, and end up with them shining in your face or trying to hang these directional lights from your tent ceiling. But the lantern is still the preferred camping accessory when it comes to lighting, because many people like the ambiance of a soft flame for lighting while in the great outdoors.

But, after a walk through a outdoor and camping show, I discovered that there are many options for lighting while camping. You can get those LED lights that you can hang in your tent that require some kind of battery or charger, but that you can also get these really cool camping gadgets such as the UCO Original Candle Lantern

Portable and Compact Candle Lantern

After checking these out, I realized just how cool they would be for backpacking. They are safe, as they have a tough glass exterior. They are compact when you are not using them folding down to 2 inches by 4 inches, which makes them great for traveling, backpacking and camping. You can just tuck one or two of these in any corner of your backpack.

They have a candle inside that is easy to light, and will burn for 9 hours. This is a cool camping gadget to have for those trips to the bathroom in the woods, or just some mood lighting in the tent. They can also hang from your tent ceiling. They are safe, as the flame cannot make contact with anything, and they don't blow out with a breeze.

They only weigh 7 ounces. Compared to those big bulky oil lanterns you can get for camping, or the propane ones, these are much easier to carry on that next backpacking trip.

It is like they "telescope" closed when not in use, which protects the glass and makes it easy to store in your backpack.

If you are looking for smaller more compact cool camping gadgets, then you need to seriously check out some of the latest products on the market now for camping. If you are more into the idea of backpacking and want to travel light and yet safe, there are many new patented products to try.

If you have always just depending on that campfire at night and that beat up old flashlight for light, then it wouldn't hurt to consider another form of light that doesn't require batteries. So, try one of these candle lanterns for your next backpacking trip. You should be able to find a corner of your backpack for warm candle light that only weighs 7 ounces and telescopes down to such a small size.

You can get these at outdoor stores, but you can also get them online. So, go shopping and consider treating yourself to some new cool camping gadgets whether you are building up a large family campsite or backpacking through the woods and traveling light. Every year, it doesn't hurt to see what is new on the market for camping accessories.

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