Coleman Camping Tent Review: The Weathermaster Tent

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Coleman has made camping tents for ages, but not for always. W.C. Coleman started out as a lantern manufacturer originally. But do you still see lantern outside? No, so he branched out as well. Now Coleman is making camping tents and they are doing pretty successful.

We can even call the Coleman Tents one of the most successful camping tent branches in the world. But are the tents as good as they seem to be? 

One of the family camping tents of Coleman is the Coleman Weathermaster Tent.

Coleman Camping Tent Review: The Weathermaster

The Coleman Weathermaster tent comes in three models:

  • A four person tent
  • A six person tent
  • An eight person tent

The Weathermaster Tent is definitely a tent for families, because it is a really big tent. The tent can be divided into different cabinets, a good thing when camping with a family of course.


  • The exterior of the tent is made of nylon taffeta, which is water resistant.
  • You can get rain flies with the tent.
  • The body is double sewn, making it harder to tear it open while setting up.

Setting up and tearing down

The tent is easy to set up and easy to tear it down as well. Setting up should take around 15-20 minutes when you are alone and it goes faster if you are with more than one of course.

Here is a little clip of a guy setting up his Coleman Weathermaster (with a little help!)


What is important of course when you are investing in camping tents is the durability of the tent. This tent is pretty durable! The only thing would be that it has plastic stakes which don't hold up very well all the time.


As you could see in the YouTube movie embedded in this article is that the tent is really big. Now I have to say this is the Coleman Weathermaster 10, made for 10 persons. So yes, it is indeed big. But it gives comfort as well. The Coleman Weathermaster 10 now goes for around 200$ on Amazon, so you will get a lot of room for a fair price.


When you are camping you want to be away from the rain of course. One of the charms of camping tents is they keep out water and during rain it gives a beautiful sound. Well, this tent is made out of nylon taffeta which is water resistant. The floor of the tent is made of heavy polyethylene material which makes it water resistant from water coming underneath as well, so you are good to go with water resistance!


As said, the Coleman Camping Tent Weathermaster 10 is going for around 200$ on Amazon, the smaller versions of the tent are going out for even less. With a lot of comfort, good durability and the easy to set up system I have to say this is a fair price. Of course, as a big manufacturer Coleman is able to have a good price for camping tents, as they are making a lot of them!


The tent is first of all very big, but what are other points you could fall over?

  • Heavy. You simply can't carry this tent around, you'll need a car for this. So if you are looking for a hiking vacation with the wife and kids, stay away from this tent.
  • Too thin for sunlight. You (or your kids) may be woken up from this tent, it lets a lot of light through in the morning.


Let's list it up: pro's and cons


  • Big enough for the whole family. With one of the bigger version of the Weathermaster you can easily fit in a 5-person family in here. I actually fit in with my parents in one cabinet, my two sisters in another and me in the third.
  • Easy to set up. The YouTube video shows it already: it is easy to set up, especially when you got help.
  • Good price-quality ratio. The price is fair for such a big tent with quality.


  • Heavy, as said above.
  • Plastic stakes. I have no idea why you should use these, we replaced them fast with metal ones.

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