Choosing A Camping Tent

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Which Tent Is Best For Camping / Large Family Camping Tents Waterproof ...


Which Tent Is Best For Camping / Large Family Camping Tents Waterproof ...

A Bit About Camping

Camping is a fun activity enjoyed by many people throughout the world. Not everyone enjoys camping of course, but for those who do, not camping trip would be complete without a tent. Tent’s are after all a necessity so as to keep the elements at bay.

Most people camp during the spring and summer months, though there are those who also enjoy camping during autumn. No one, or almost no one would venture out to camp during the winter, except for people who probably have winter almost all year long. There’s probably a different sort of tent needed for winter camping than is needed in the other seasons.

However, most tents are made for the warmer seasons, but not every tent is going to stand up to all the elements. Some need more staking than others due to the strength of winds and storms. That’s why its a good idea to plan ahead of time for an outdoor adventure, complete with sleeping bags and camp fire.

How High A Priority Is A Tent?

While tents are not the only necessity for campers, its probably an item high on the list. Unless of course one is going to build a make-shift shelter from scratch out in the wilderness. A tent takes less time, but learning how to make an overnight shelter is a good survival skill to learn. It might even teach others to appreciate those whose only shelter is the ones they build from the sticks, stones, mud and straws of the land.

Whether one chooses to build and over night shelter or not, its still good to have a backup plan just in case. That backup plan of course being an actual tent one should carry around with them during all overnight outdoor activities. Even if one doesn’t plan staying overnight, a tent can come in handy during an emergency.

How To Choose A Camping Tent

Not everyone is going to need the same sort of tent. What it comes down to is that a tent should provide adequate shelter for anyone wishing to use one. However tents come in a few different shapes and sizes. Depending on how many people will be using the same tent, the tent may need to be different dimensions.

The first place one should look is their local camping and fishing store, usually a sporting good store. Should ones area not sport any, one might find what they’re looking for at places like Wal-mart, though their selection may be small. That’s when one may want to search for a tent online, long before they’re to have their camping trip.

A good place to start their search for adequate camping shelter might be, though that’s by far not the only place to look and purchase a tent online. It’s far easier of course when one knows exactly what to look for. Not just any tent is going to do for just any one. It’s important to choose wisely, otherwise one might find themselves out camping with inadequate shelter from the elements.

A Couple Examples Of Good Tents For Camping


One of the tents that campers might enjoy is the Coleman Montana 8 Tent. It’s a single room tent, but is capable of holding up to eight people. Although those eight people might be two parents and their children. Of course not everyone has six children, in fact many people don’t, but they might have dogs they take camping with them.

It is however a spacious tent, with dimensions of 16×7 feet with a nice center height of 74 inches. It’s a nice tent to have, when a couple parents are getting together for an outing and decide to use the tent for their kids. Of course, depending on the age of the children, they might only allow the male children into one and the female children into another.

The tent is still great, even for just a couple of people out camping. Sometimes the other things they take with them can take up quite a bit of room. The space the Coleman Montana 8 Tent has will amaze anyone.

Boy-scouts or girl-scouts might enjoy having a big tent like the Coleman Montana 8 as they camp in groups. No matter the age of a scout, some can still be easily spooked. Thus, being able to share a tent with others, instead of alone could help to calm their nerves.


Another lovely tent would have to be the Wenzel Pine Ridge 10 by 8 Foot Four-to-Five-Person 2-Room Dome Tent. A two room tent is great for two couples or a set of parents with to or three children. While it may not be quite as spacious as the Coleman Montana 8 Tent, the Coleman Montana 8 Tent isn’t for everyone. No tent is going to satisfy a hundred percent of the people a hundred percent of the time. It’ll always come down to price as well as the space which may or may not be needed. The Wenzel Tent is more ideal for small families, while the Coleman Montana 8 Tent is better for larger families or larger groups.

There are many other tents, probably equally as good, if not better than the aforementioned tents. Every year companies are trying to improve upon tent designs so that campers can enjoy a better camping experience. One can find many different tents at their local sporting goods store or online at sites like and other sites which sell merchandise. Some sporting good stores also sell their available products online off of their own store website.

Why Use A Tent At All?

The reason people should use a tent, is to keep the rain from soaking them. Getting drenched can mean catching a cold and colds can easily turn into pneumonia. Plus when people are sleeping, they don’t feel comfortable wearing damp clothing. If it begins to rain and they don’t have any shelter, except a sleeping bag they’re going to get soaked. When people are extremely uncomfortable, they’ll wake up and feel miserable and cold. That’s the reason having a tent handy is so useful and can help to keep one comfortably dry. Unless of course the tent is old, not properly set up, has a tear in it, or just wasn’t manufactured well.

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