Child Tracking Devices: GPS vs. Radio Signal

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Best GPS trackers for kids afcc79e

Best GPS trackers for kids afcc79e 1

What is the best tracking device for kids; GPS or radio signal?

Radio signal and GPS are the two basic types of child tracking devices designed for younger children. These units are designed for parents that are supervising their child but want some extra security in case their child runs off unexpectedly, especially in a crowded place. For those with spirited children, purchasing a child tracking device can give you some peace of mind when you take trips to amusement parks, the fair, or other busy places. The best child tracking GPS will depend on how you plan to use it.

Radio Signal Child Tracking Devices

With a radio signal child tracking device, the parent holds a base unit while the child wears the tracking device. If you need to find your child who has run out of sight, you press a button on the base unit and listen for a loud alarm. These are like playing a game of Marco Polo with your kid. Probably works great if your child knows to stand still if the alarm goes off, but may become challenging if your child does not stand still and is in a crowded and noisy location. More advanced units will come with radar on the base unit. With these, you’ll have an alarm to listen for and a directional compass pointing to your child.

These units are the cheapest child tracking devices to purchase and do have not monthly service fees. If you’re interested in a radio signal device, read the specifications and reviews to determine if the device works despite objects in between the remote and the audible device and at what distance the unit will work. This will help you decide which unit is right for you for where you plan to use the device.

GPS Child Tracking Devices

GPS child tracking devices give parents a picture of the exact location of their child. The child wears the GPS unit, which may clip onto the clothing or be made to look like a watch. The parent can check the child’s location on a map with their smartphone or computer. GPS child tracking devices come with many more features than the radio signal devices. Some units come with a 911 button for your child to press. With some units, parents can set invisible fence lines. If their child ventures beyond the set boundary, they are notified by cell phone or email immediately. Some are tamper proof with immediate notification to the parent if the unit has been removed.

As you can expect, the GPS tracking systems are going to cost you more. You can expect to pay about $150 to $600 for the unit itself. Then you will need to pay a monthly service fee, and sometimes a yearly service fee as well. Monthly service fees range from $10 to $75 and yearly service fees can range from $110 to $200. If you really want the GPS tracking for your children, but are looking to save costs, then buy one with a vacation service. With a vacation service, you don’t have to pay the service fee every month. Instead, you activate the service and pay only in months you need it, such as when you go on vacation.

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