Cheap outdoor camping tents for sale

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Outdoor camping tents are essential equipment for camping holidays. However, tents and other camping gear can cost you a bundle. It really pays to shop around to look for cheap outdoor camping tents for sale. There are some great deals on outdoor camping tents available in stores and on the web.

The following are some cheap outdoor camping tents that are customer favorites:

Genji Sports Self Expanded Screen Tent: Retailing at under $50, the Genji Sports Self Expanded Screen Tent is ideal for quick set-up to gain a reprieve from insects or the sun while camping. It is very portable, and can be packed within a shoulder bag. This camping tent’s dimensions are 55 x 50 x 82 inches and weighs just over 8 pounds.

Wenzel Sprout 2 person children’s dome tent: This one retails at under $30 and is ideal for kids, being of a smaller size than an adult tent. Weighing just over 4 pounds, it is great to carry on family camping holidays. It has a fiberglass frame and can be set up quickly, a Dutch D-style front door, and is made of leak proof polyester fabric with a polyethylene floor. It also has good ventilation and comes with its own storage bag.

Coleman 4 Person Dome Tent: If you are looking for a roomier tent than the above at a bargain price, you cannot go wrong with the Coleman 4-person dome tent. It retails for under $60 and has solid workmanship, with mesh windows, reinforced stitching, bathtub floors so that there are no seams on the ground level, and even an electrical port. It is made of polyester and has a polyethylene floor, and is UV, water and wind resistant.

Where can you get cheap outdoor camping tents for sale

Army and Navy Stores: There is likely to be an Army and Navy surplus store not too far from you. Army and Navy stores are great places to get cheap outdoor camping tents and all other kinds of discount camping gear of great quality.

Bass Pro Shops – Bass Pro Shops are found in shopping malls across America. They carry a great selection of discount outdoor camping equipment.

REI stores – While REI is known for quality, it is usually hard to get discount outdoor camping equipment there. However, one nice thing about REI is that it is run as a consumer cooperative, and members get discounts and 10% cash back on eligible purchases. Thus, by becoming an REI member, you could find relatively cheap outdoor camping tents for sale there. These are also going to be of high quality and should last you a while. You can also get good deals on outdoor camping tents at, where REI sells select parts of their inventory at bargain prices, including closeouts, overstocks or factory seconds with minor blemishes. – The days when was an online bookstore are long behind us. As with just about anything else, amazon also carries a wide selection of outdoor camping tents including some real bargains.

Used tents for sale – Do not neglect used tents for sale, which you can sometimes get for a song. Of course, you need to look over used camping equipment carefully to make sure it is in acceptable quality. But it is definitely worth looking for cheap outdoor camping tents for sale on sites like craigslist. Other places to consider exploring are camping outfitters, who may be looking to get rid of some of their used camping equipment to make room for newer inventory.

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