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2000 Mules – The Eye-Opening Documentary Exposing Ballot Trafficking

Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary film 2000 Mules tells the never before told story of what really happened in the 2020 election. Forget everything you know or think you know about election fraud.

2000 Mules exposes a massive network of coordinated fraud across all five of the states that decided the election. This fraud was more than sufficient to change the outcome.

The film uses two types of evidence.

The first is geotracking which monitors the cell phone movements of mules or paid criminal traffickers delivering illegal ballots to mail in drop boxes.

It’s a new technology used for the first time to bust a very old type of fraud.

The second is video evidence, obtained from the official surveillance cameras installed by the states themselves. The film takes you to the scene of the crime, again and again and again.

You can actually watch the criminals at work!

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2000 Mules had already grossed $10 million in revenue in two weeks after release, and in net revenue it is the most successful documentary since Obama’s America, produced by Dinesh D’Souza ten years ago.

“The movie is a success financially for sure, but also it is successful in its political and cultural influence,” said D’Souza. “It’s the most talked about movie out there right now, making headlines in multiple publications, and is trending extremely high on social media.”

Almost a platoon of left wing fact checkers have descended on the movie in an unsuccessful attempt to squash its credibility.

The film has taken something that many people suspected from the November 2020 elections, and provided proof of illegal ballot harvesting, both in geo-targeting of cell phone data, and in actual video surveillance of the many unmanned ballot boxes in the five key battleground states.

The movie’s shocking revelations are based on research done by True The Vote, a non-profit dedicated to providing election integrity and honest voting practices.

The film features five Salem radio talk show hosts as they walk through the process of learning what the evidence shows, and then discussing what this means for the American belief in free and fair elections.

Those hosts, Dennis Prager, Sebastian Gorka, Charlie Kirk, Eric Metaxas and Larry Elder all came away disturbed at what they learned really happened to hand the election victory to Joe Biden.

Breitbart.com says “Dinesh D’Souza: latest film contains ‘smoking gun’ on how ballot harvesting manipulated the 2020 Election.”

JustTheNews.com says “Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules: Ballot trafficking exposé has the evidence; can it get a hearing?”

2000 Mules – The Viral Documentary Rocking America’s Faith in Elections

In the charged political climate following the 2020 U.S. presidential election, conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules” has become a cultural phenomenon, capturing the nation’s attention and sparking heated debates over electoral integrity.

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The Runaway Success of “2000 Mules”

Released in May 2022, “2000 Mules” quickly became a box office smash, raking in over $1 million in its opening weekend alone. This staggering commercial success made it one of the highest-grossing political documentaries in a decade. Packed theaters and sold-out showings affirmed the intense public interest in the film’s controversial claims.

Beyond its theatrical run, “2000 Mules” found an even broader audience through digital platforms and grassroots screenings organized by concerned citizen groups. Within weeks, it became one of the most-watched and discussed documentaries of the year, flooding social media with heated discussions.

The Central Claims of “Ballot Trafficking”

At the heart of “2000 Mules” is the assertion of an organized illegal ballot harvesting operation aimed at swaying the 2020 presidential election. The film relies on data analysis by True the Vote, which used commercially available geolocation databases to track the movements of individuals operating as “mules.”

According to the evidence presented, these “mules” followed a pattern of visiting multiple mail-in ballot drop boxes within a short timeframe, stuffing them with batches of votes – a practice consistent with illegal ballot trafficking. The film alleges this coordinated scheme took place across several crucial swing states.

Bolstering the claims are surveillance videos that appear to capture individuals depositing stacks of ballots into drop boxes, often in the dead of night. D’Souza and his team assert that this points to an unprecedented scale of illegal vote manipulation through illicit harvesting methods.

A Polarizing Force Across America

Reactions to “2000 Mules” have been powerfully divisive, reflecting the nation’s deep partisan divide. Supporters have hailed it as a courageous exposé that vindicates long-held suspicions about electoral fraud. Meanwhile, critics have decried it as misleading propaganda that peddles debunked conspiracy theories without proof of genuine wrongdoing.

Regardless of one’s stance, the sheer popularity and resonance of “2000 Mules” underscore the erosion of public trust in U.S. electoral processes. Its viral success has amplified calls for reforms to shore up voter ID requirements, ballot handling protocols, and safeguards against illicit harvesting schemes.

While the veracity of its claims remains fiercely contested, “2000 Mules” has undoubtedly galvanized a forceful movement demanding greater electoral transparency and accountability measures. Its cultural impact has cemented its place as one of the most polarizing and influential films of the decade – a powerful reminder that faith in democracy hinges on unwavering faith in the integrity of elections.

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People Also Ask Questions and Answers About 2000 Mules

Q: What is the main premise of “2000 Mules”?
A: The documentary alleges there was an organized illegal ballot harvesting operation, involving thousands of “mules” who were paid to collect and deposit mail-in ballots into drop boxes in key swing states during the 2020 presidential election. It aims to expose potential voter fraud that may have influenced the election outcome.

Q: What evidence does “2000 Mules” present?
A: The film relies heavily on geo-tracking data analysis from True the Vote, which traced the movements of individuals making repeated visits to multiple ballot drop boxes within a short timeframe. It also includes surveillance footage appearing to show people stuffing ballot boxes, often in the middle of the night. The film argues this points to an organized ballot trafficking scheme.

Q: How has “2000 Mules” been received?
A: The documentary has been hugely divisive but very popular. Supporters praise it for shedding light on potential election interference, while critics condemn it as misleading partisan misinformation that perpetuates disputed voter fraud claims without concrete proof of wrongdoing.

Q: What impact has “2000 Mules” had?
A: The film became a massive box office hit and went viral online, sparking intense national debate. It has galvanized those demanding tighter election integrity measures like stricter voter ID laws and ballot harvesting bans. However, it has also deepened partisan divides and sowed further distrust in U.S. electoral processes.

Q: Who created “2000 Mules”?
A: The documentary was directed and produced by conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza, known for his politically charged films like “Hillary’s America” and “2016: Obama’s America.” It draws heavily from research by the election intelligence firm True the Vote.

This is a movie that documents the biggest heist in American history. Its goals are to reveal how it happened, who did it, and how to make sure that this never happens again.

This movie features Catherine Engelbrecht, Eric Metaxas, Charlie Kirk, Dennis Prager, Gregg Phillips, Larry Elder, Sebastian Gorka.

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